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Thank you to everyone who came out for our store closing event.  We had a great day and were very touched by the show of love and support for our tiny brand!

We have had many people reach out wondering what is going on.  So here is the low down.  There was no one big reason to close the store but rather a slew of small things that were preventing our growth.  There is only so much 2 people can do!

This is not the end of NUDL all of your favourite product plus some new ones to come will be available for purchase online with in-store pick up and tricity (Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge) delivery options.

Over the next couple months we will be renovating the store and kitchen at 244 Woolwich Street to allow for a community space where we will lead workshops, seminars and GF cooking classes.  Also the space will be available to others to use for thier own purposes.

Check back often for more information and schedules to come.

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Co-owner of NUDL Artisan Pasta When not creating delicious gluten free pasta dough Jenn spends her time reading, writing and practicing yoga.

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  1. Chris Barron

    Can I purchase your gluten free all purpose flour? I didn’t see a spot to order it.

  2. Chris Barron

    Can I order it on line and then pick up at the store or can we just come to the store? If come to the store what are your hours? Thanks

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